Take Care of Yourself so You Can Care for Others

There's a reason flight attendants tell you to secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.

Here I sit, on another of the countless flights, on another FarmHer trip, chasing my dream. With my headphones in and music turned up, I don’t think twice about the attendant, but something in my consciousness is nagging at me to listen. I tune out the music just in time to hear her say to put on my oxygen mask before helping others.  

My next thought had nothing to do with the flight, but everything to do with how I’ve been operating lately without putting on my mask first.  

I love FarmHer just like it was a third child of mine, but this time of year, the road gets a bit long and jagged, and my vision gets blurry. I’m scrambling to help everyone else and to get all of my work done in dwindling cracks of time.

I feel myself getting pulled a little too far down – like I’m not giving myself enough oxygen. I know we all have these hours, these days, and, unfortunately, sometimes years. We give everything we can to everything else: our families, businesses, jobs, and all of the other things that fill up our calendars.

I’ve been here before and am sure, by my nature, I'll find myself here again. But I appreciate the gentle reminder that we all need to take a minute to care for ourselves.

Cut the clutter by focusing on what you want and what your goals are in life. Make time for the things that make you smile. Take a step out into the sunshine, watch a movie that takes you away, or get on the phone with a friend. It’s worth the time spent – even if for just a few minutes  – so you can get back to helping others.  

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