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FarmHer: The Power of an Image

Photographs can change the way we see ourselves and the way others see us.

When I think about the holidays, I think of warm and happy memories: beautiful images of delicious food set on a candlelit table; twinkling lights decorating well-adorned Christmas trees; and my family, all together, smiling and happy.  When I think about where those memories came from, it is a mix of past experiences and memories formed from photographs.

Despite the image in my head, the reality is that the holidays and day-to-day life, in general, can be fraught with ups and downs, fears and frustrations, happiness, and tears. When I look at photographs from my life, however, I remember the good times: the warmth of the fire or the giggles as I rode down the hill on a sled with my kids.

Photographs are important. Photographs are powerful. They have the magical ability to instantly record a memory. Whether it’s my own photographs or ones I see in a magazine, they make an impression and help form my reality. They can change the way I see myself and the way that others see me.  

From the beginning of FarmHer, I have heard time and time again from women I have photographed that they are shocked about how they and their lives look in my photographs. The images give them a different perspective of their work and their value.  

For the second season of our TV show on RFD-TV, we visited a strong and spirited young woman named Megan Brown (pictured above), who is going through the ups and downs of taking over her family’s farm. Working with family and adjusting roles and expectations can be really hard from day to day.  

After her episode aired, the images and portrayal of her strength as a FarmHer allowed her dad to see her in a different light and led her to tell me, “Every time anyone even mentions FarmHer, my dad bursts into tears. I’ve never seen him this proud of me.”  This is the power of a photograph and the power of FarmHer.  

During the holidays and the coming year, take time to stop and pick up your camera. I promise you’ll be glad you did. 


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