SF Staff: Meet Our Moms

  • Betsy Freese

    Here is a photo I took of Mom and Dad Christmas morning. Mom is in her happy place – the kitchen. (This is the only day of the year Dad cooks, by the way.)

    Mom’s favorite saying, pinned to her bulletin board in the kitchen for as long as I can remember, is: “He who laughs, lasts.” She loves to throw a party, even if it’s just a tea party with grandkids and nieces and nephews.

    Mom is the campfire that our extended family (and many others) gather around for warmth and happiness.

  • Diana Weesner

    Love, kindness and strength. My mom, Donna, taught me how to be a good mom by being a great mom to me.

  • David Ekstrom

    This is me, my mom, and brother after seeing The Lion King musical in 2015. It was our Mother’s Day present to my mom. A lesson she always taught us was, “Stay out of the bars and get home early.”

  • Anna McConnell

    One of the most important things my mom taught me was that I am very capable of many things, but that it’s also OK to ask for help. As a kid, she would take on projects that would amaze me all on her own while doing a million other things, but she also knew her limits and wasn’t ashamed to call for backup. That’s a really important lesson that I’m using now as a new homeowner.

  • Kacey Birchmier

    A couple years ago, I wanted to hike the Chimney Tops trail in Gatlinburg, TN, with my mom. The hike boasts panoramic views and was a quick 4-mile roundtrip. I didn’t mention to her we would gain 960 feet over the last mile. As we were starting out, we met several people completing the hike who warned us we shouldn’t go far since it would be dark soon. Undeterred, I marched us to the peak. The most impressive part of this was last November my mom had a total ankle replacement, which means she humored me and my running-paced hike in the dark on a bum ankle. We made it to the base as it turned pitch black by our phone flashlights. Once safe in the car, we vowed not to tell dad – or more importantly grandma – of our hike in the dark. On the bright side, no pun intended, we got a nice picture from it. The next day we hiked to a waterfall during the daylight hours. Over the years, she’s shown me examples of determination and hard work along with compassion, dedication, and how to put others first.

  • Jessie Scott

    Thanks to my mother for passing along her sarcastic sense of humor, sharp writing skills, passion for reading, and love of animals.

  • Jodi Henke

    With my mom, Karla Chapman. She taught me the love of cats, dogs, horses, and all animals.

  • Lisa Foust Prater

    My mom is the ultimate caregiver. She still takes care of me! My mom makes me laugh so much, and she spoils me and my family. She knows when I feel overwhelmed with life and will always help me or do something nice to make me feel special. When my boys spend the night with her and my dad, she makes them all whatever they want for breakfast, which is usually three different things. She's a fantastic mom, but an even better grandma!

On Mother's Day and every day, we celebrate Mom!

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