14 Innovators Spotlighted at Ag Innovation Showcase

  • Meet the Innovators

    For a decade, the Ag Innovation Showcase has stood apart as an event that tackles new and persistent problems in the food and agriculture industry with a pragmatic approach by showcasing viable solutions from innovative up and comers. Following are the 14 innovators who will be featured this year.
  • Aker Technologies

    Located in Winnebago, Minnesota, Aker has patented technology that automates crop scouting or observation inside the canopy of crops. This platform provides geo-referenced real observed data and crop diagnostic tools, not inferred or approximated by current crop models.

    Web:  aker.ag

  • Arbiom

    To meet the sharp increase in global protein requirements, this Durham, North Carolina start-up has created technology that transforms wood into a nutritional, economical, traceable, and sustainable protein product for animal feed.

    Web:  arbiom.com

  • Freshspoke

    From Barrie, Canada, this start-up makes it possible for consumers to buy produce directly from farmers, which ultimately allows revenue to flow through the local ecosystem and directly to the wallets of farmers and other producers.

    Web:  freshspoke.com

  • Grain Discovery

    Based in Ontario, Canada, this company has developed an online exchange that leverages the latest blockchain technology to create an efficient, transparent and secure market that simplifies and enhances the connection between farmers and buyers.

    Web:  graindiscovery.com

  • Livestock Water Recycling

    Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, this company is a leading provider of manure treatment technology. The technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions, concentrates and segregates nutrients for strategic fertilizer application, and delivers a renewable, high-quality clean water source.

    Web:  livestockwaterrecycling.com

  • Pathway Biologics

    This Plant City, Florida company couples its novel fitness-based inoculants platform with its proprietary microbial integrated technologies platform. This combination enables its partners to incorporate a range of microbial organisms into existing products, whether traditional chemistries or organic, to unleash the full potential these combinations represent. These technologies offer real world advantages with respect to shelf life, compatibility, as well as stability and use.

    Web:  pathwaybiologic.com

  • Phospholutions

    This Denver, Colorado start-up has a patented technology to retain, capture, and reuse phosphorus. It has been proven to reduce up to 98% of phosphorus from entering waterways. Developed at Penn State University from over 20 years of research, the technology works by treating various sources of pollution with an adsorbent to remove key nutrients that can be reused and applied as a controlled-release fertilizer.

    Web: phospholutions.com

  • Pivot Bio

    Based in Berkeley, California, Pivot Bio has developed a sustainable, natural nitrogen source for farmers. The company’s ON Technology harnesses the innate ability of naturally-occurring microbes to provide crops with nutrients when they need them the most. These microbes grow with the plant, spoon feeding the crop daily nitrogen at its roots.

    Its first product will be available to farmers for the 2019 planting season.

    Web:  pivotbio.com

  • Planetarians

    This start-up, which is based in California, uses patent-pending technology to add value to overlooked ingredients like defatted seeds, and converts them into a high-protein, high-fiber ingredient, and helps food manufacturers fortify a variety of food products with natural protein and fiber from seeds.

    Web:  planetarians.com

  • Plastomics, Inc.

    Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Plastomics is developing a new and better way to make the next generation of biotech crops using chloroplast engineering. This platform addresses industry challenges like efficient trait stacking, decreased time and cost to market, more effective trait dose, elimination of outcrossing to weeds or neighboring fields, simplified breeding and higher yields.

    Web:  plastomics.com

  • StixFresh

    This Selangor, Malaysia company created the Stixfresh sticker, which gives consumers an easy, all-natural way to keep fruit looking and tasting farm fresh for up to 14 days longer. The materials used in the stickers are 100% natural and fully approved. In fact, Stixfresh stickers are so safe you can eat them.

    Web:  stixfresh.com

  • Teralytic

    Based in New York, New York, this soil analytics company has a wireless probe that contains 26 sensors, which provide the most detailed soil quality data available. Information includes soil moisture, salinity, and NPK at three different depths, as well as aeration, respiration, air temperature, light and humidity.

    Web: teralytic.com

  • TERI

    Based in New Delhi, India, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), is an independent, multi-dimensional organization that is creating innovative solutions for a sustainable future. The Institute has been an innovator and agent of change in the energy, environmental, climate change, and sustainability space.

    Web:  teriin.org

  • ZoomAgri

    This Argentinian start-up is working to revolutionize grains and oilseeds quality determination through AI and computer vision. Its first product, ZoomBarley, identifies a barley variety in real-time through image recognition using a single-kernel. Its second innovation, ZoomSpex, determines the physical quality parameters of a sample of corn and soybeans.

    Web:  zoomagri.com

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