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5 Entrepreneurs Chosen to Compete at 2020 Radicle Challenge by Corteva Pitch Day

Five entrepreneurs have been chosen to compete at the 2020 Radicle Challenge by Corteva Pitch Day. The event, which is led by the acceleration platform for early-stage ag and food technologies Radicle Growth, will take place on March 16, 2020, during the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco.

Not only will the winner receive a $250,000 investment, it will also gain access to Radicle’s company-building platform, and the opportunity to engage with Corteva’s technology leaders to help shape, validate, and refine its technology using virtual or actual on-farm assessments. In addition, the winner will present in front of an audience of 1,500 agribusiness leaders at the summit’s Technology Showcase.

“In just five weeks, we had our largest pool of applicants ever for a Radicle Challenge from across the globe. This confirms that entrepreneurs are hungry not only for the funding to advance the development of their technologies, but also for invaluable coaching and hands-on refining of their technology from some of the biggest names in agriculture,” says Kirk Haney, managing partner, Radicle Growth. “Where traditionally we see the highest concentration of applicants in digital ag technologies, we saw more entries than ever before in novel farm systems and biologicals and close to 65% from outside of the U.S. We look forward to having all of these rising stars in one room next month to pitch to our panel of judges.”

The five finalists below are solving problems with breakthrough solutions.

Aquaoso. Dubbed the “credit score for water,” this software-as-a-service water-risk analytics company helps ag lenders, investors, growers, and shippers understand the financial impacts of water risk on operations.

Holganix. This start-up has developed a liquid soil treatment that contains a consortium of 800-plus microbes to drive yield, soil health, and reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers. 

Nanobio Designs. This start-up has created a handheld device that uses self-assembling nanoparticles to test for the presence of GMOs. 

Scanit Technologies. This start-up has developed an in-field platform (for indoor or outdoor growers) that detects plant pathogens when they are airborne and before they infect plants.

SwarmFarm Robotics. This start-up has developed commercially available robots for autonomous agriculture.

Each company will be evaluated by a panel of esteemed judges, which includes Neal Gutterson, Corteva CTO; Mark Thompson, Nutrien chief corporate development and strategy officer; Debra King, Corteva senior vice president and chief information officer; Claudia Roessler, Microsoft director of agriculture; Clay Mitchell, Fall Line Capital cofounder and managing director; Kiersten Stead, DCVC managing partner; and Kirk Haney, Radicle Growth managing partner.

Visit to learn more about the Radicle Challenge by Corteva competition.

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