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AccuTurn by Case IH Provides Hands-Free Turning in Headlands

Case IH has unveiled AccuTurn, an automated headland-turning technology that takes the guesswork out of turning on headlands. Using software logic from the Case IH autonomous concept vehicle (ACV), this technology provides hands-free, automatic and repeatable turns for increased productivity.

“Whether navigating expansive open spaces or smaller, irregular fields, AccuTurn automatically controls the entire headland-turning process with industry-leading path-planning logic,” says Leo Bose, Case IH AFS marketing manager. “AccuTurn will give operators positive results throughout the crop production cycle. This is especially true as planting or seeding operations set the field up for agronomically correct layouts that can be precisely followed by sidedressing, spraying, and harvesting for improved efficiencies and higher yield potential.”

Key benefits of AccuTurn include:

• Turn-path planning and turn-speed optimization. Seamlessly navigate the tightest turns and position the tractor and implement into the next pass. Auto-speed provides automatic turn-path planning that adapts to each operation’s speed, including maximum-turn-speed alerts.

• Precise product application. Intercept headlands or resume field passes with optimal implement position. This reduces inconsistencies that are seen in manual steering with mounted or trailing planters, seeders, or fertilizer applicators at the end of the field.

• Multiple modes of operation. Automatic and Turn Now settings allow operators to customize the level of automation to their application at hand, from tillage and sidedressing to planting and seeding.

• Flexibility for skip pass or pass-to-pass capabilities. Easily adapts to broad acre or row-crop applications for increased efficiencies and productivity.

In addition to row-crop applications, Bose says small-grain operations also can benefit from the automated-turning technology. This includes pulling multiple implements like tow-behind air carts and seeders for planting wheat, barley, or sorghum.

“It all comes back to reduced operator strain, especially when pulling increasingly larger and longer implements,” he says. “Without the need to manually steer a tractor and potentially multiple implements, operators will be more alert to perform other end-of-row functions.”

Initially, AccuTurn will be available for new and existing Steiger, Magnum, Optum, Puma, or Maxxum series AccuGuide auto guidance-equipped tractors with an AFS 262/372 receiver, NAV II/ NAV III controller, and AFS Pro 700 display.

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