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Granular’s AcreValue Adds Two New Digital Tools

AcreValue, an online land intelligence solution from Granular, has unveiled Claim My Land and Custom Boundaries for farmers, landowners, and their business collaborators to research land as well as network.

Claim My Land

A first-in-kind digital networking tool, Claim My Land enables landowners to more quickly and efficiently manage their land investment over time.

“Landowners now have a tool for claiming land as their own and connecting online with others. Landowners need to interact with each other to keep up on local land values and rents,” says Adam Litle, senior vice president of revenue for Granular. “They want an easy way to receive inquiries from farmers interested in renting their land. Or they may be open to selling land or purchasing additional parcels.”

This new tool will provide an environment that will enable them to explore all of this and more.

Custom Boundaries

By either clicking on an existing real estate tax parcel or by drawing their own property boundary, Custom Boundaries gives AcreValue users the ability to explore and map land across the U.S. This is important because land transactions (e.g., renting, buying, and selling) don’t always take place along existing property boundaries. They may include multiple parcels, part of a parcel, or just the tillable acreage.

“The new Custom Boundaries tool gives our users additional flexibility and a more customizable mapping experience,” says Madeline Paymer, senior product manager for Granular.

For example, Paymer says landowners can use it to explore the best way to divide their land among family members or for potential sale. 

“Or, given this year’s extreme weather, farmers can use the tool to easily outline and calculate prevent-plant acreages for crop insurance claims,” she says.

AcreValue has over 400,000 registered users, which is 20% of the total number of farming operations in the U.S. As the land rental and sales markets become increasingly digital, these tech-savvy landowners and farmers can have a significant advantage over others in an increasingly competitive land market.

To learn more about AcreValue, visit For more information on Granular, which is part of Corteva Agriscience’s digital business platform, visit

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