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Ag Leader Adds New Features to AgFiniti Platform

For the past several years, Ag Leader Technology has been building on its AgFiniti full-farm connectivity platform. Its goal: Make the right information available to its customers anytime and anywhere.

“This means flowing information throughout the operation and across machines, devices, and seasons. These announcements mark the next step in that vision,” says Corey Weddle, director of software solutions.

Live stats available across displays and devices 

In 2017, AgFiniti and InCommand displays came together to bring growers and trusted advisers DisplayCast – a feature that provided display-to-display communication. As of August 30, 2018, they can share even more information – in real time – across displays and other connected devices like tablets and cell phones with the latest software release for InCommand displays using DisplayCast and AgFiniti connected devices. Live stats like yield, moisture, rate, population, speed, location, container level, and more can be shared.

“Connecting every device across the operation enhances the overall productivity of the operation and allows each operator and manager to be in sync and make more timely decisions," says Joe Holoubek, product manager. “The harvest operator can now solely focus on his primary task instead of having to constantly be on the radio directing the other machines. Whether viewing on a display, tablet, or phone, everyone knows what’s going on, and that’s a big deal for both productivity and better decisions.”

Prescriptions added

AgFiniti will also include a prescription tool for nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) fall fertility applications. The platform’s per-acre prescriptions are based on fertility recommendations from trusted universities. Guidance from Iowa State University, Purdue University, University of Illinois, Ohio State University, and Michigan State University will be included in the initial release. 

Fertilizer prescriptions in AgFiniti can easily be generated by customers using grain harvest data, bushels removed, and soil sample data from any web-enabled device.

“Prescriptions in AgFiniti bring cloud-based convenience to our customers, whether or not they are an SMS Software user,” says Weddle. “It’s not necessary to know how to write an equation or understand all the chemistry behind the field’s fertility. AgFiniti’s prescription tool does the work based on your local university research.”

Starting August 30, 2018, this new feature can be purchased on a per-acre basis, and allows for additional prescriptions to be generated for one year. 

Ag Leader plans to add other prescription options in 2019 including planting and seeding recommendations.

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