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Ag Leader Simplifies Yield Monitor Calibration

Moisture, test weight, and grain volume are just a few variables that can trip up even the most high-tech yield monitor system today. But that doesn’t automatically render the data you’re gleaning as you harvest this fall’s crop inaccurate. If you calibrate regularly, taking into account the variables, you’ll still get a clear picture of the grain that’s pouring into the hopper. Yet, many farmers don’t take the necessary time to calibrate these devices correctly to ensure that quality data is being collected.

“Growers are pressed for time when they are preparing to go to the field. Reducing the time needed to properly calibrate the yield monitor allows them to get in the field faster without sacrificing the quality of yield data they are collecting,” says Al Myers, Ag Leader founder, president, and inventor of the Yield Monitor 2000. “Trustworthy data is invaluable for understanding how the field performed and determining the opportunities for future years.”

With its latest announcement, the Iowa-based company is building on its mission established 25 years ago: Empower growers to collect actionable data for decision making. The InCommand displays will now feature new efficiency gains during harvest including a simplified calibration process. What that means for farmers is fewer calibration loads, as well as on-screen resettable bushel counters. 

“Twenty-five years ago, I brought the Yield Monitor 2000 to market. At the time, on-the-go yield data was a figment of most growers’ imagination,” explains Myers. “Today, yield monitoring is a common practice, and having quality, actionable data from all field activities is a crucial component to the profitability of an operation. We’ll continue to expand our tools to better equip growers with information needed to plan, plant, apply, and harvest more efficiently and accurately.”

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