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Ag Leader Technology, New Leader Team Up to Revolutionize Dry Nutrient Application

Ag Leader Technology, Inc. and New Leader have teamed up to develop the NL5000 G5 Crop Nutrient Applicator. This system combines an intuitive interface with advanced control and monitoring that provides the operator an easy to use system for applying nutrients.

“Our vision is to radically improve the way dry nutrients are applied. Guiding that vision is responsible nutrient management,” says Cory Venable, New Leader director of marketing. “The NL5000 G5 provides swath width control in a spinner spreader, allowing the placement of fertilizer to be more exact. It takes spinner spreaders to an unprecedented level of application with pinpoint accuracy.” 
Using a 16-section swath width control, the patent pending G5 technology adjusts the spinner assembly left/right and fore/aft to give the operator a highly responsive and reliable method to apply the right amount of nutrients in the right place. This provides increased accuracy for point rows, when finishing a field with less than a full swath, and running half-width swaths for increased precision.

In addition, the NL5000 G5 can be equipped with a MultiApplier insert, which allows the system to run two products at the same time. The MultiBin is also available for spreading up to four products in one pass.

An upgraded hydraulics system supports the advanced spinner control, fast and exact conveyor control, and an automatic chain tensioner. The NL5000 G5 comes standard with automatic lubrication alerts.

“Through a long-standing relationship with New Leader and leveraging both our strengths, we’ve developed the most precise and user-friendly spinner spreader system on the market. It will truly revolutionize dry nutrient application and supports our mutual goal of environmental sustainability and 4 R’s of nutrient stewardship,” explains John Howard, Ag Leader product manager. 

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