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AGCO Expands Fuse Connected Services by Partnering With Aglytix and Farmobile

AGCO has announced it is partnering with Aglytix and Farmobile to offer an entirely new level of productivity support and insight to its customers. The new services, which will complement the fleet and operational services already available through AGCO's Fuse Connected Services, will be launched with select AGCO dealers over the next few months in North and South America; plans to cast a wider net are set for the latter part of 2017.

“There was a pull for these types of services from our dealers, which is how we originally started to get interested in these types of solutions,” says Chris Rhodes, director of partnerships for AGCO. “Our dealers were saying, ‘There are some neat things in this space and we’d love to start to get involved with them in more depth.’ As we roll this out to the initial dealerships over the next few months, we will use it as a springboard for the rest of our dealer network as we move forward. Before we do that, we really want to understand the response to the offerings and how to maximize the fit with Fuse Connected Services and how we can roll it out as smoothly as possible to the broader group.”

Currently, the company has 1,300 dealers in North America; 340 in South America; 1,160 in Europe/Middle East/Africa; and 300 Asia Pacific dealers. 


Software company Aglytix will leverage its proven and patented analytics methods and algorithms to identify challenges and opportunities producers face as they work to increase productivity. By identifying these factors and, ideally, their causes, their impact on yield and profits can be quantified through more in-depth information to make more informed decisions.

“Aglytix takes a fact-based, scientific approach to all of the analytics we deliver,” says Jerry Johnson, founder and CEO at Aglytix. “Agriculture has a wealth of data, little of which is used effectively. Our patented SolverPod analytics platform takes a lean farming approach and opens up a new world understanding for growers by putting this data to work to identify yield limiting and excessive cost issues. It will be turn-key for AGCO customers, and will add deeper insight and decision support for growers and their trusted crop advisers to make the best-informed decisions possible.”


Farm data company Farmobile will help connect mixed fleets, visualize data in near-real time, streamline data management, and open a new revenue stream for producers, allowing them to harvest not only their crops, but also their data.

“What is significant about this partnership is that an equipment manufacturer like AGCO just adopted an open data platform that puts farmers in control,” says Jason Tatge, Farmobile. “There’s been a lot of talk about farmers’ data rights, but AGCO is really the first to make it a reality. Farmobile is super proud to be a partner.”

Farmobile’s PUC is a small device that is placed in your cab to gather machine and agronomic data. Install it, and the device listens and wirelessly sends second-by-second data points to your secure Farmobile account. The system then builds electronic field records (EFR), which can then be shared with your trusted advisers.

“We are custodians of the data that comes through those distribution channels,” says Tatge. “The farmer has complete ownership and control of his data,” says Tatge. “He will grant his trusted partners access to the different levels of data. The main focus of our company has always been around farmers being able to control where their data goes and who has access to it. It’s also what our partnership with AGCO signals.”

Tatge says the cost of the Farmobile service will be $1,250 per year for a three-year lease. “That price includes the PUC, cellular data plan, full-feature access, unlimited user accounts, unlimited data storage, software updates, and 24/7 technical support.”

Both companies, Rhodes says, will be deeply involved in the process of getting these services up and running. 

“Our dealers will be a vital piece of the value chain with these new partners. In addition to getting the customers set up with the solutions, they will be acting to communicate and help take full advantage of the value Aglytix and Farmobile offer. This isn’t us just selling a widget; we are selling services and will be heavily engaged with the expertise of Aglytix and Farmobile to execute the offerings. Our dealers have a great understanding of farm operations and machines already, so they already have a tremendous ability to provide value to our customers as insightful partners. The options to add Aglytix and Farmobile really increase that value even more.”

Ultimately, Rhodes says, additional insight is the fundamental benefit of these partnerships. “Farmobile gives a farmer a great tool to help him learn what is happening on his farm in near-real time across an entire equipment fleet and across the crop cycle, which will provide better visibility and better connectivity,” he says. “Aglytix is such an innovative platform for looking for efficiencies on the farm. They take a lean farming approach to analyzing the farming operation and uncover areas where the grower is spending too much on inputs or not getting the right kind of yield. The farmer can use that insight in a number of ways, in partnership with his trusted advisers, to determine the direction he needs to go with greater clarity. This insight leads to more profitability and a more efficient operation.”

You can learn more about these services by contacting your local AGCO dealer or by visiting You can also learn more about Farmobile at and Aglytix at




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