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AGCO Partners With Digital Solutions Company Solinftec

For more than a decade, Solinftec has developed solutions that capture and process data online and in real-time to improve the operational ecosystem on the farm.

The platform includes different layers of hardware, telecommunications, and software common across myriad crops and regions. On top of these layers, the Brazialian company built a broad suite of software and algorithmic solutions to solve the challenges that are paramount for specific crops and regions. These solutions have substantially improved operational effectiveness and earned Solinftec 60% of the sugarcane market in Brazil.

Through a commercial and technological partnership with Solinftec, AGCO customers will have access to these solutions including on-board computers, weather stations, soil sensors, telemetry networks, proprietary algorithms, and the real-time, actionable insights.  

“Together we can positively impact food production on a global scale. Through technology, we can definitely do more with less from an economic, environmental, and social perspective,” says Renato Hersz, strategy and corporate development director for Solinftec.

Beginning in early 2019, the solutions will available to AGCO customers in Brazil who grow sugarcane, soybean, corn, and cotton. Corn and soybean growers in the U.S. will have access to the technology for the 2020 growing season. 

“We are happy to add such a proven innovator to our global Fuse network and to continue giving farmers choices to improve efficiency for their farm operations,” says Chris Rhodes, business development director, Global Fuse, AGCO. “This resource will be particularly valuable for our South American customers right away, but we also look forward to expanding with them to other parts of the world over the next several years.”

The two companies will also be discussing ways to integrate Solinftec’s portfolio into South America’s recently launched Farm Solutions program as well as potential integrations and APIs with other Fuse products.

To learn more about the Fuse smart farming portfolio, visit More information about Solinftec can be found at

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