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AgJunction Introduces Affordable Do-It-Yourself Auto Steer System

When auto steer was first introduced to agriculture, farmers were naturally skeptical of the unproven technology. From keeping wheels between the rows to preventing overlap to reducing fatigue, the technology’s worth has been proven on a number of large farm operations. In fact, the USDA estimates that auto steer can save $15 per acre annually.

“Yet, the cost and complexity of the technology has kept it out of reach for most farms that cover less than 1,000 acres,” says Doug Marinaro, AgJunction’s vice president, strategy. “With the introduction of the Wheelman Pro, we are bringing the technology used by the largest farm operations to 1 million smaller farms worldwide. The payback can be seen in one season for farmers who work as few as 250 acres."

Priced at $3,495, the Wheelman Pro is a complete, do-it-yourself auto steer system that utilizes free WAAS GPS. It can be installed in less than an hour using a few simple tools and a smartphone or tablet.

The brains behind the system is AgJunction’s Whirl software. The Whirl app lets you easily set your rows, nudge, snap, and see your progress on a moving map. It also helps you calibrate your Wheelman Pro in three simple steps (with most tractors). 
Whirl online stores and securely backs up the data for each Wheelman Pro. This allows you to review cropland coverage, speed, and efficiency to help you better monitor your farm operation.

The Wheelman Pro can only be ordered through AgJunction’s online eStore and will be available in September 2018. Want to be one of the first to get the Wheelman Pro? You can register online now to be included in the company's early release program.

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