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AgJunction Opens Online Store For Precision Ag Tools

AgJunction is opening the store to bring precision agriculture solutions direct to farmers. This new online buying experience offers customers easy-to-use products, affordable prices, simple purchasing, and always-accessible support. 

“The launch of our Hands-Free Farm online store is an exciting milestone for AgJunction as we continue to expand our vision to bring hands-free farming to every farmer,” says Dave Vaughn, AgJunction president and chief executive officer. “Critical to our vision is the need to change both the method of getting product to the farmer and the level of complexity in installation and use of precision ag equipment.”

Until now, products for hands-free farming have been sold almost exclusively through dealers who have the ability to support the expensive purchasing decisions, complex installation, and extensive training required for these offerings. However, that structure, says the company, limits the reach of hands-free farming to only the largest farms despite evidence that every farmer can benefit.
“We are committed to bringing the benefits of precision ag to all farmers,” Vaughn says. “The store is a key step in providing all farmers easy-to-use, low-cost solutions they can easily purchase and install themselves without having to leave the farm.”

Releasing First Product

The first product in the store is RANGER, an easy-to-use, complete GPS guidance solution. Ready to use right out of the box, the technology installs in minutes. The intuitive, patented steering guide shows visual cues in advance, which enables farmers the time to focus on farming instead of staring at a map. The system provides the essential accuracy for spraying, spreading, tilling, and planting crops like soybeans. It supports both straight line and free-form contours, which is useful for terraces and irregular fields. This solution also affords farmers the flexibility to leave the field and return to the exact location where they left off. In addition, it gives users the option to share GPS location data with implements and yield monitors. RANGER retails for $995.

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