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Agrible App Helps You Spray Smart

Pocket Spray Smart is an iOS app, which works with Agrible’s Morning Farm Report software, to help farmers decide when to spray their fields. It shows a farmer, up to three days in advance, what conditions look like hour by hour for spraying.

The app provides information on wind speed and direction, timing, and duration of temperature inversions that could impact spraying, and whether the soil will support equipment in the palm of your hand to best determine when to spray herbicides. 

“Spray Smart is really going to make a big play moving forward, especially with the new release of dicamba products in soybeans and having to log all your spraying information,” says Kris Ehler of Ehler Farms, Thomasboro, Illinois. 

There is no cost for the app. All features are unlocked with a 2017 Grower AgriBundle, which is free if you are in Agrible’s sustainable yield program or are working with an ADM merchandiser.

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