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Agrible, Crop Copter Team Up to Give UAV Users Aerial Insights

By pairing Agrible’s Pocket Drone Control and Crop Copter’s UAVs, you will be able to quickly see how much damage a field has following a weather event or pest stress.

“Aerial survey can provide invaluable insights for crop insurance adjusters, ag service providers, and growers. It’s a unique perspective of the crop that has historically been expensive or even impossible to get,” says Jack Marck, product engineer at Agrible.

The iOS app uses Morning Farm Report to plan a flight and to launch the UAV with a few swipes on an iPhone or iPad. It can cover an 80-acre field in less than 15 minutes. After taking photos, damage can quickly be identified. The information will then upload to Morning Farm Report where you can access and share it.
“Our relationship with Agrible will allow us to use Morning Farm Report to help predict a crop’s potential. Using UAV technology to confirm or to validate that prediction gives you the opportunity to make the best decision for your operation,” says Matt Barnard, Crop Copter CEO and founder. “This is completely new to the industry. We couldn’t be more excited.”

Pocket Drone Control is free with an existing Morning Farm Report account and purchased drone from Agrible’s partner, Crop Copter. It lets you view your flight images on a map, get alerts on your drone’s maintenance schedule, and review historical flight log data – all in one place. It will be available for download in the App Store soon.

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