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AgriSync Adds Features to Deliver Next Level Support, Service

AgriSync has updated its collaboration and service management tool so that professional ag advisers can see, solve, and track farmers’ issues remotely with a smartphone and coordinate support.

“The advisers and farmers using AgriSync gave us great feedback about ways to increase their efficiency and ultimately make their problem-solving and organizing efforts a little easier,” says Casey Niemann, AgriSync president. “We listened. This update helps experts deliver the next level of service, support, and solutions. It offers problem solvers, their teams, and their broader organizations various ways to tap into the fundamental power of AgriSync.” 

The new AgriSync features give advisers the ability to:

  • Track, tag, and report all customer support activity, not just AgriSync video support sessions.
  • Reassign help requests to the right expert on their team.
  • Organize their AgriSync advisers based on region, product expertise or function, and allow help requests to be made to the team as a whole before further assigning.
  • Offer proactive support by recording and sending a one-minute video update to all their AgriSync contacts at the same time.
  • Send customers simpler invitations and sign-ups so you can easily connect.

The new features allow farmers to: 

  • Get one-minute video updates from their trusted adviser on an issue or topic they want to learn more about.
  • Request help from individual experts or from their department or team.

“We’re thrilled to bring AgriSync’s value to the human element of agriculture,” says Niemann. “We started with the broad idea to make collaboration easier between advisers and farmers. Now we’re building on that idea by adding new features that heighten the value advisers can deliver to their farmer customers by solving problems, making decisions, and maximizing uptime.”

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