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Agtegra Cooperative to Provide Aerial Application

Agtegra recently hired both a pilot and a loader to provide aerial application service to its 1,700 customers along the I-90 region. The Mitchell crew will use a leased hanger and office space and also have two customized tender trailers, allowing them to conveniently service the area’s fields. 

“Air application is an important tool for customers in the south region where there is considerable pasture and rangeland, as well as wheat production,” said agronomy operations director Djamel Khali. “This will give us the ability to provide customers in that region more convenient access to aerial applications. It also minimizes travel time to service those customers, which means we can service more acres for producers.”

The company began in February 2018 and has 7,000 member-customers; 140 of those use aerial fleet application on a combined 160,000 acres. The Agtegra air fleet currently has eight aircraft in six locations: Clark, Harrold, Highmore, Huron, Webster, and now Mitchell. Their application equipment provides precision spraying and spreading of nutrients and fungicides. 

“This is a great opportunity for us to be able to expand our services to Agtegra customers in the south region,” says aerial operations manager Craig Bair. “Having the ability to operate out of the Mitchell Airport will minimize our pilots’ travel time to fields, allowing us to serve more acres.”

Generally, application services have a rate of $7 to $15 an acre. 

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