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    Technology Summit

    At the John Deere Technology Summit, June 28-29, the company hosted media representatives and securities analysts to showcase its latest technology releases. On Friday, at a farm north of Des Moines, Iowa, attendees toured four stations to see the new ideas up close. A few of the highlights follow.

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    Mobile Weather

    Janae Tapper, Deere Integrated Solutions Group, explained the company’s new mobile weather system. The monitor allows farmers to see field specific weather information from a sprayer cab, including wind speed and direction, Delta T, temperature and relative humidity.

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    Real-time Access

    Deere’s Mobile Weather system uses a third-party sensor on the sprayer to capture real-time weather without the operator having to climb out of the cab to check conditions.

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    The company touted, which will help farmers manage their equipment information, production data and farm operations from a single website. The portal will be available from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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    Tyler Hogrefe demonstrated the new implement detection technology, which automatically populates implement- and task-specific settings from a controller on the implement to the GreenStar™ 3 2630 display in the cab.

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    Remote Access

    In the farm’s machine shed, visitors watched a demonstration in which they could view the operator’s display screen on this 4830 sprayer.

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