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Arva Intelligence, GROWERS partner to help ag retailers prepare customers for carbon markets

GROWERS and Arva Intelligence are joining forces to provide ag retailers with a seamless solution for its producers to sell carbon through GROWERS Rally platform and Arva’s Carbon Ready program.

A sales enhancement platform that captures critical data like crops, products, rates, and practices on a field, GROWERS Rally is also a sales planning and tracking tool for ag retailers. The information collected shares several similarities with the data necessary to sell carbon credits, which makes it a natural fit with Arva’s program.

“Partnering with Arva to give our customers a place to assist farmers in accessing carbon markets makes a lot of sense. GROWERS Rally captures the building blocks for sustainability and carbon verification. Integrating with Arva’s Carbon Ready program streamlines access to the carbon markets and empowers retailers and their growers to sell with confidence,” explains Steven Valencsin, CEO of GROWERS.

“Retailers are the heart of the agricultural supply chain, and we are thrilled to work with GROWERS to give their clients more value from the data they’re already collecting. Carbon markets represent an opportunity to monetize that data and generate a new revenue stream for farmers and retailers, while enhancing sustainability and environmental stewardship,” says Matt Rohlik, Arva’s managing director.

To learn more about GROWERS Rally, visit To find out more about Arva’s carbon programs, visit or contact Matt Rohlik directly at

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