BASF launches Grow Smart Advantage tool

BASF officials say it provides an innovative way to find greater ROI at harvest.

BASF has launched a new digital tool, as part of its Grow Smart Live app, that calculates the estimated value of a farmer’s crop protection investment, say BASF officials. The Grow Smart Advantage tool uses information about a farmer’s operation to provide crop input recommendations as well as the estimated value of those recommendations vs. alternative options that are driven by rebates.

When a user opens the tool, it asks the user to input their state followed by specifics around the crop(s), acreage and inputs. The user is then asked to select the strength of the weed control and plant health program they need. 

Based on this information, the Grow Smart Advantage tool calculates the estimated performance results and dollar value of BASF products vs. competitive products and rebates. These results provide users with a transparent cost overview of rebate programs using public data derived from independent third parties.

“This new tool really puts what is best for farmers at the forefront in regard to their crop protection inputs and yield results,” said Nick Fassler, BASF technical services director, in a news release. “By providing sound agronomic recommendations, the Grow Smart Advantage tool is another example of how BASF continues to invest in digital tools that provide farmers with innovative ways to manage their operations and protect their investment.” 

The Grow Smart Live app, which connects users with timely agronomic updates from BASF, and the Grow Smart Advantage tool can be accessed by contacting a BASF agronomic solutions adviser.

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