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Bayer, CHS collaborate to expand farmer carbon program access

Bayer will be the carbon program partner for CHS.

Bayer and CHS Inc. have announced what the firms term as a unique agreement that makes Bayer Crop Science the carbon program partner for CHS and the most accessible carbon program for U.S. farmers, say company officials.

The agreement brings together two major agriculture industry leaders to help more farmers participate in and benefit from carbon-smart practices. CHS is owned by more than 900 local cooperatives and 75,000 farmers and ranchers across the nation; the relationship will extend the Bayer Carbon Program to CHS farmer-owners across 17 states already covered by the program, and also in Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

“CHS chose to collaborate with Bayer because its carbon program is simple, established and built on the industry’s most connected and widely used platform, Climate FieldView,” said Dean Hendrickson, vice president, agronomy, CHS, in a news release. “Bayer’s program is easy for growers to use and provides them with flexibility to adopt climate-smart farming practices like strip- and no-till and cover crops.”

“CHS is a trusted farm advisor and we’re looking forward to strengthening our long-term relationship to expand our carbon program to CHS customers,” said Leo Bastos, who leads global commercial ecosystems for Bayer, in a news release. “The Bayer Carbon Program is a natural extension to grow our relationship, since we’re both highly committed to agriculture sustainability and to providing farmers with the latest tools and technologies to promote profitability.”

“While agriculture is listed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, it also is one of the few industries with the ability to do something about it,” said Terry Herzig, director, retail agronomy, CHS, in a news release. “To demonstrate our commitment to helping our farmer-owners be part of the solution, we are offering an incremental incentive to growers who participate in the Bayer Carbon Program through CHS.”

Growers can earn additional incentives by purchasing enhanced efficiency fertilizer products, such as N-Edge, Trivar, and Levesol from CHS. “CHS is proud to work with Bayer to offer incentives for practices and products that can enhance soil health, improve yields, and drive sustainable outcomes,” said Herzig.

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