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Beck’s Adds New Options for Seamless Data Transfer

One of the major challenges with precision farming is having the ability to transfer agronomic data between equipment monitors and a precision ag data platform. By offering farmers the ability to connect their MyJohnDeere, Raven SlingShot, and/or Precision Planting FieldView accounts directly with their Beck’s FARMserver account, users will be able to seamlessly transfer data between their FARMserver account and their planting or harvesting equipment. FARMserver allows farmers to store raw data and process it into a readable and actionable form.

“Since the inception of FARMserver, we have worked hard to deliver a product that is not only farmer friendly and easy-to-use but also compatible with all colors and brands of equipment,” says Scott Beck, president of Beck’s. “We recognized data connectivity and transfer are some of the biggest obstacles for farming operations. Our partnership with these companies enhances the user experience for our customers.”

Once users establish a connection between FARMserver and one or all of these data transfer platforms, their application, planting, and harvest data will flow seamlessly with FARMserver. Data from the provider will be automatically transferred to the corresponding FARMserver account daily.

In an effort to provide farmers an additional option for transferring data, Beck’s has also partnered with SanDisk. The company’s iXpand Lightning USB is now compatible with FARMserver and can be used with any monitor that accepts a USB drive. Users simply plug the Lightning USB drive into their phone or iPad, open the FARMserver app, and select the upload button to seamlessly transfer data with the click of a button.

“We will continue to seek out new and innovative ways to help farmers succeed,” says Craig Rogers, Beck’s precision farming lead. “By providing these new options for farmers to transfer their data, it has never been easier to take advantage of all the precision farming tools that FARMserver offers.”

For more information or to learn more about signing up for a free FARMserver membership, visit or call 800/937-2325.

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