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Beck's FARMserver Precision Farming Tool Receives Ag Data Transparency Evaluator Seal

Beck’s precision farming tool, FARMserver, has received the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator (ADTE) seal for privacy and transparency. With this seal, you can be confident Beck’s is frank about its belief that you own the raw data generated on your farm. All of the data collected is housed on private and secure servers that is only accessible to the account owner. 
“We know that one of the biggest concerns farmers have when evaluating precision ag tools for their operation is who controls the data,” says Craig Rogers, FARMserver technical lead. “That’s why we developed a tool that farmers could trust and have complete confidence in using on their farm. Not only are we proud to offer a product that puts famers in complete control of their data, but also we’re excited FARMserver received the ADTE seal, which reinforces the trust farmers have placed in our product.”

ADTE is backed by a group of farm industry groups, commodity organizations, and ag technology providers. Its goal is to ensure that the contracts between precision ag technologies, its providers, and farmers are straightforward as to what data is being collected, who owns it, and who ultimately has access to it. 
FARMserver is a secure, online, web-based solution that gives you complete control of your data. Simplifying precision agriculture, FARMserver collects farm data in one spot, making it easy to use, shar,e and apply across an operation. The system provides a recordkeeping system focused at the field level, comprehensive aerial imagery that delivers deep insight into field variability, field-based weather monitoring, and a crop-scouting app. FARMserver is compatible with nearly every color and brand of machine, which makes exporting data seamless. 

Premium-level FARMserver membership is free to all Beck’s corn or soybean customers. Learn more at

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