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Best of #NationalAgWeek, #AgDay, #Borlaug100

National Ag Week 2014 was the biggest and best yet! Just as social media is continuing to become an every day part of our lives, many took to social media venues including Twitter to share ag facts, gratitude to farmers, and how they celebrated #NationalAgWeek, #AgDay, and #Borlaug100. Here are some of our favorites:


Oregon Farm Bureau ‏@OreFarmBureau

ALL types of farms, ranches, sizes & agriculture production methods are needed and valued! #NationalAgWeek (shown)

Osborn Barr ‏@osborn_barr 

There are about 2 million farms in the U.S. today. Help all the farmers celebrate National Agriculture Day by sending thanks! #agday


US Wheat Associates ‏@uswheatassoc 

A combine takes 9 seconds to harvest enough #wheat for 70 loaves of bread #AgDay

K-State Agriculture ‏@kstateag 

Agriculture affects us all! How can you be a part of one of the more than 23 million job industry?  #agday #agcareers

Dept. of Agriculture ‏@USDA 

For 98% of Americans who don’t call a farm home, we’ve helped strengthen understanding of ag  #AgDay #KYF2

Texas Dept. of Ag ‏@TexasDeptofAg  

Love your blue jeans and boots? Thank a farmer. Every day is #AgDay in Texas. (shown)

Many took the opportunity to get involved in agriculture and advocate ag on a national level.


Gabby Gavitt ‏@GabbyGavitt 

Finally signed up for the collegiate cattlewomen club! #psu #AgDay

Marc Counterman ‏@marccounterman 

Happy #AgDay. I learned that GMOs are not always bad, and got free Berkey Creamery Ice Cream. 

Joshua Bledsoe ‏@jbbledsoe 

FFA, AFA, 4-H and NAMA members on Capitol Hill today to advocate for agriculture and celebrate #AgDay @nationalffa (shown)

Agricultural organizations and numerous state departments shared ag facts and flaunted their agriculture industry!


Today’s farmers produce 262 percent more food with 2 percent fewer inputs, compared with 1950. #NationalAgWeek #ThankAFarmer #NeCGA

Oregon Farm Bureau ‏@OreFarmBureau  

There are 220+ ag products raised in #Oregon, from marionberries to milk, beef cattle to grass seed. Talk about diversity! #NationalAgWeek

Maryland Agriculture ‏@MdAgDept  

#NationalAgWeek! MD farmers produce 35 million lbs of apples, 4.3 mil tons of peaches & 68.3 mil lbs of watermelon. 

One of the greatest celebrations of the week was the unveiling of the Norman Borlaug statue. Twitter users erupted in excitement for the man who saved more lives than any other with a single grain of wheat.

Agronomy Crop Soil ‏@ASA_CSSA_SSSA  

#Borlaug is 1 of 7 people to be awarded the #NobelPeacePrize, the Pres Medal of Freedom, & the Congressional Gold Medal. #AgDay #Borlaug100

Robb Fraley ‏@RobbFraley  

Norm Borlaug: hunger never sleeps, farmers will always need new tools to improve yields to feed the planet #Borlaug100


Bill Northey ‏@Northey4IowaAG  

"Man can & must prevent the tragedy of famine in the future."-- Norman Borlaug #Borlaug100

BorlaugGlobalRust ‏@globalrust  

Howard Buffett: Have to have leadership that values farmers & believes small farmers are part of the solution not the problem. #Borlaug100

Dept. of Agriculture ‏@USDA  

How do we get young people engaged in the dialogue? "People." Support of teachers & mentors is critical. #Borlaug100

Elisa Russ ‏@elisa_russ  

"You can't build a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery." - Dr. Norman Borlaug #Borlaug100

christinamurphy ‏@christinamurphy  

Borlaug:“Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.”  A true #hero is honored today. #Borlaug100

In conclusion...

Texas Dept. of Ag ‏@TexasDeptofAg  

As we say goodbye to Ag Week, we're reminded that agriculture is not only our future, it's our heritage. #agday

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