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Better Manage Your Field’s Future with R7 Field Forecasting Tool

You can look into the future of your fields with the new R7 Field Forecasting Tool from WinField. This web-based crop-modeling solution, which is designed for corn, soybeans, and wheat, helps you improve input decisions by providing validated, trusted agronomic insights. 
“The Field Forecasting Tool offers a forward-looking perspective that you can use to help address in-season crop stresses,” says Joel Wipperfurth, WinField United ag technology applications lead. “The tool takes into account data from the Answer Plot Program and tissue samples from the NutriSolutions 360 system, and it uses the plant as a sensor to measure variables that data models can miss.”

In the field

For example, the soybean model has simulations of growth stages, leaf growth, production of biomass, and nitrogen and potassium uptake. Coupled with weather and soil models, it can predict the amounts of available nitrogen, potassium, and water in the root zone.
“The Field Forecasting Tool is the first modeling tool to combine the effects of nitrogen, potassium, and water stresses on soybean and corn growth and development,” says Wipperfurth. “Plant growth is simulated daily under various conditions. Then, yield loss that cannot be recovered and yield potential that can still be realized if plant stresses are addressed are calculated to allow you to adjust in-season input practices.”

The model adjusts throughout the growing season by measuring the nitrogen and potassium leaf contents of a tissue sample and by inputting observed dates of growth stages to improve predictions.

Pairing validated information with predictive analytics

Besides using a range of individual field information, the tool also takes into account your individual crop-management style (such as tillage method used) to create a complete snapshot of what is needed to achieve success.

Information about a specific corn hybrid can be used in conjunction with the Field Forecasting Tool recommendations. For example, if the tool shows added nitrogen is needed and you have planted a hybrid with a high response to nitrogen score, it enhances the likelihood of a positive return on investment from a nitrogen application. 

WinField collaborated with iTK, as well as farmers and ag retailers who tested the Field Forecasting Tool during the 2015-2017 growing seasons, to develop the technology.
“The Field Forecasting Tool will allow you to know what nutrients your crops need and when to specifically target those applications,” he says. “It will also enable more interactive, real-time conversations between you and your retailers.”

The tool will be available through WinField United retailers this fall for the 2018 growing season. Learn more about the R7 Field Forecasting Tool by visiting or by talking with your local agronomist.

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