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Case IH Adds Popular Services to AFS Platform

By connecting with six major service providers, Case IH AFS Connect users will now have the ability to share agronomic data directly with these companies. Depending on the options offered by each provider, producers can elect to share yield data, guidance lines, and much more from any computer or tablet connected to the internet. In return, the service provider will be able to send prescriptions and analysis. 

“These new service providers, along with the AFS Connect data-sharing functionality, will provide producers a secure way to transfer agronomic data between their machines and their trusted advisers,” says Chris Dempsey, Case IH AFS marketing manager. “As producers seek more actionable data to make better decisions, this will give them the flexibility to work with their preferred providers.”

Below is a description of the six service providers.

1. AgDNA is a farm-management platform that includes farm planning, inventory management, agronomic insights, equipment optimization, and field-level financial reports. The cloud-based mobile application and web platform provides actionable insights to increase yield, lower operating costs, and maximize farm profitability on every acre.

2. Advantage Acre from AgReliant Genetics brings together three elements of farming – seed, soil, and weather – in a web-based digital platform. This comprehensive suite of technologies combines AgReliant Genetics’ knowledge of its seed products with innovative, functional soil-mapping technology, advanced weather forecasting, variable-rate planting, and nitrogen recommendations to generate field-by-field, acre-by-acre seed recommendations that maximize yield potential. Farmers can record and access data to better plan for the season ahead, apply the plans created in-season, and assess performance at the end of the year.

3. AgWorks’ AgOS connects operations, crop planning, scouting, mapping, compliance, and producer access into one system. The company also offers HighQ, an analytics and decision support system, to manage data and provide actionable reports that enable producers to make more profitable and environmentally friendly decisions.

4. FieldReveal enables ag retailers to create best-management decisions across every acre of producers’ fields. This is accomplished through a cloud-based software package that includes patented processes for virtual reality fertility and seed management, multihybrid seed management, wireless transfer, and much more.

5. The GROWMARK system utilizes the FS Advanced Information Services (AIS), which is a web-enabled and OnSite-connected platform, for site-specific recommendations, management, and analysis.

6. I.F.A.R.M. (Information for Agricultural Resource Management) is a customized cloud-based software. It enables users to manage their farm operations, including data management, field mapping, data analysis, fertilizer applications/recommendations, zone management, and soil/plant-tissue work orders and dispatch.

API providers that are already a part of the Case IH network include My Farm Manager from Decisive Farming, Encirca from DuPont Pioneer, AgStudio from MapShots, Onsite from AgIntegrated, and Trimble Ag Software.

“Expanding data-sharing providers is of the highest priorities for Case IH. We plan to establish and announce a number of similar data-sharing agreements throughout 2018 and beyond,” Dempsey says. “We are strategically adding these connections to answer the demand from our customers in all regions to provide the right solutions where needed.”

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