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Ceres Imaging Secures $2.5 Million in Funding

Ceres Imaging has secured an additional $2.5 million in Series A funding from Romulus Capital. This latest investment follows a $5 million Series A round led by Romulus earlier this year. That brings the aerial spectral imagery and analytics company’s funding total to $10.5 million since it was founded in 2014. It will use the recently acquired funds to reach more growers in the Midwest, California, and Australia, with a focus on accelerated product development for row and cereal crops.

“Ceres has done what so few companies have managed to do – build something that many farmers find valuable,” says Krishna K. Gupta, founder and managing partner of Romulus Capital. “We’re excited to deepen our partnership with Ceres as the company continues to enhance its best-in-class technology and expand its sales efforts over the next year.”

The California-based company is led by agricultural and technology professionals including agronomists, hydrologists, and remote sensing experts. The company’s products, which include agronomic insights through aerial spectral imagery, proprietary sensors and analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, are validated by a four-year research collaboration with University of California agricultural scientists. Its solutions incorporate computer vision and machine learning to help farmers solve problems with crops, optimizing inputs like water and fertilizer while providing insights into pest and disease pressure.

“Ceres is focused on real-world results for growers, both in terms of yields and plant health,” says Ashwin Madgavkar, CEO and founder of Ceres Imaging. “We’re excited about bringing growers a tool that combines leading-edge technology – including AI and computer vision – with proven agronomy know-how and best practices.”

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