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Climate FieldView, RCIS partner to simplify crop insurance reporting

For Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS) policyholders who use Climate FieldView, a new capability allows them to access, analyze, manage, and now share their completed planting and harvest data with an agent - at no extra cost.

“Whether it comes from increased profitability, simplified tasks, saved time, or peace of mind, delivering value to farmers is our principal focus,” says Brandon Rinkenberger, chief customer officer for Climate LLC and Digital Farming at Bayer. “If we have an opportunity to expand our capabilities, provide farmers with more options, and simplify their lives through digital tools, we’ll work to make it happen.”

Initiated by the farmer, the secure connection gives policyholders the ability to report acres and production data digitally through their FieldView account, simplifying processes. For the 2019 crop season, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa began offering similar capabilities through platform. NAU Country Insurance followed in 2020.

“The addition of FieldView’s connection offers significant value to our policyholders for managing their farm production information and reducing their complexities,” says Nick Luett, RCIS Mapping Product Manager.

RCIS has a network of about 3,600 agents and does business across all 50 states. It provides risk management for more than 160 crops on over 125 million acres.

Farmers should contact their RCIS crop insurance agent if interested in this new capability. They can also visit for more information.

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