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CNH, Farmers Edge Announce Partnership

Data is coming from every corner of your farming operation. And it’s no longer good enough to view that data after the fact. You need insights that are quicker, more precise, and deliver measurable results.

Through an exclusive OEM partnership with Farmers Edge, Case IH and New Holland customers will now have access to agronomic services that will link data and decision-making to provide those real-time insights. In a tiered approach, customers will be able to choose the options, which include a transparent per-acre pricing structure, that best meet their operation’s specific needs.

For example, the entry-level services focus on FarmCommand, the company’s cloud-based farm data-management platform that analyzes data in real-time, and satellite imagery. Through a partnership with Planet Labs, Farmers Edge provides daily satellite imagery that enables growers and their trusted advisers to gain insights on crop growth. This is progressively enriched with field-originated weather data, vehicle data, and agronomic support, and tops out with variable-rate prescriptions with either generic or zoned soil sampling services.

If farmers choose one of the premium packages, they will have access to an on-farm agronomist who will assist in developing and monitoring tailored agronomic plans.

By giving Case IH and New Holland customers the ability to connect their current and legacy machines with CAN bus functionality to the Farmers Edge platform, this partnership will deliver tangible gains in three key stages of the crop data cycle: collection, planning and execution.

The platform can also be used with mixed fleets, which is the cornerstone of CNH’s approach to precision farming. Because the system uses the 3G and 4G networks, connectivity is retained even in the most remote areas.

“CNH Industrial recognizes the importance of digital agriculture for dealers and customers,” says Hubertus Mühlhäuser, CEO, CNH Industrial. “Farmers Edge has world-leading field-centric data, connected hardware and field sensors feeding a proprietary, top-rated data science and AI platform. We are looking forward to working with them to further develop our connected-farm strategy, while ensuring growers maintain control over their data.”

The Connectivity Goal

Not only does this partnership pave the way for CNH dealers to leverage digital connectivity with its customers globally, but also it enables Farmers Edge to achieve its goal of 150,000 connected devices over the next three years, which includes 100,000 pieces of farm equipment and 50,000 connected field sensors. 

It’s a decisive step for the company, says Wade Barnes, CEO, Farmers Edge. “We are aligning ourselves to work toward a common goal of delivering a new wave of decision agriculture adoption. The partnership brings exclusive options and services that combine reliable products and technological innovations translating into performance and productivity enhancements.”

A phased roll-out will begin in the first quarter of 2019 in North America. Availability in Latin America, Australia, Europe, and Russia will follow.

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