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Connect Mobile App Lets You Monitor Planter And Sprayer In Real Time

Monitor, adjust, and learn about your planter or sprayer’s performance as it travels through the field with John Deere’s Connect Mobile app. 

“By using Connect Mobile, you will know you’re doing the best possible job with the investment you’ve made in your John Deere equipment,” says John Mishler, production and precision ag marketing manager for John Deere.

Know what’s happening in real time with your planter or sprayer in row-by-row and nozzle-by-nozzle detail to better understand what’s going on.

“It’s managing the job at a micro level to make macro improvements,” Mishler says.

By having the ability to visualize job performance, you can quickly and easily identify possible issues. In addition, multiple map layers across the production process add insight that you can consider to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Due to Connect Mobile’s common user interface, the app can be moved seamlessly from one John Deere machine to the next and from one production step to another.

“The result is a better understanding of the job being performed. Data is saved on the iPad so it goes where you go. At any time or in any location as the data is saved, you can quickly review past work,” Mishler adds.

The app allows you to also easily compare data layers from previous production steps with what’s seen when scouting fields. 

“This information can help you better understand what might have caused what you’re seeing in the field,” Mishler explains.

There are also more options to view data in the cab including the John Deere Gen 4 CommandCenter, which shows performance data averaged across the field, the boom, or the planter section.

“Connect Mobile takes this one step further and maps specific details at specific points – row-by-row or nozzle-by-nozzle,” Mishler adds. “You can use your iPad with Connect Mobile to monitor planter performance while using the Gen 4 CommandCenter for AutoTrac, Section Control, and other precision ag applications. Regardless the operation being performed, the application has the same look and feel.”

In John Deere 4 Series sprayers, you can view mapping of critical job-quality information that includes as-applied rates, rate deviation, spray pressure, and ground speed. In addition, Connect Mobile delivers high-definition documentation for ExactApply Nozzle Control and provides real-time visibility to estimated droplet size information. 

“This ensures on-target application, mitigating the risk of product drift and avoiding the need for reapplication. You can more quickly see and react to any problems and optimize job performance,” Mishler says.

John Deere Connect Mobile is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. Subscriptions are free in 2017. If you have been using SeedStar Mobile, the data stored on your iPad will migrate to Connect Mobile after the new app is installed.

In the future, John Deere plans to add other operations to Connect Mobile including harvesting and the ability to add more data – all to help you make better-informed decisions with greater confidence. 

For more information about the Connect Mobile app, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit

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