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Corteva Agriscience, DroneDeploy Partner to Reinvent the Way Crops Are Cared For

By combining DroneDeploy’s advanced mapping software with the expertise of Corteva Agriscience field teams, farmers will gain immediate insights to diagnose and correct agronomic, disease, or pest concerns, as well as the ability to optimally place products. In less than 15 minutes, UAV operators can survey a 160-acre field and quickly identify variations in plant and soil health. 

“The field intelligence technology will enable our Pioneer agronomy and strategic account management teams to work with farmers to provide real-time aerial views of their operation," says Jeremy Groeteke, Corteva Agriscience U.S. Digital Agriculture Lead.

“Corteva Agriscience is now deploying the most advanced crop scouting technology on drones using DroneDeploy’s Live Map technology to deliver real-time crop insights and enabling immediate actions by their agronomists in the field,” says Mike Winn, DroneDeploy CEO and cofounder.

The advanced UAV technology will also be deployed in its seed production network. 

“We are aggressively evaluating and implementing decision agronomy tools like DroneDeploy to enable our agronomists and contract seed growers to make timely decisions impacting seed yields and quality,” says Matt Kurtz, Corteva Agriscience global seed technology lead – seed production and supply chain.

All drone operators will be trained on how to best capture the power this technology offers and will be certified according to local aviation regulations.

Below are five ways the technology can impact crop production. 

1. Identify problems before they spread. 

Toxic parasites and fungi can reek havoc on harvest. DroneDeploy’s advanced imaging technology enables you to keep a constant eye on crops and identify problems early and prevent spreading. 

2. Fields can be monitored in minutes – not hours.

To ensure crop health, you need to know what’s happening in the field. Yet, covering a 160-acre field can take hours. DroneDeploy’s software can spot variations in plant and soil health on that field in 15 minutes.

3. Better data leads to better planning.

By receiving a real-time aerial view of their entire operation, farmers are better equipped to make important planning decisions during the off-season as well as planting, growing, and harvest season.

4. Assess damage and correct it faster.

When weather events or other damage occurs, DroneDeploy enables you to quickly and accurately assess damage and provide the data farmers need to respond faster.

5. Taking agriculture practices to new heights.

While drones can help farmers make instant decisions, tools like side-by-side maps and the ability to generate variable-rate prescriptions for pesticides also enable advanced crop management.

“This is an exciting time in the ag industry and the move will certainly strengthen and differentiate Corteva Agriscience from competitors,” Groeteke says. “When you couple this drone investment with our other digital offerings provided by Granular Ag and Encirca services, we will provide growers with even more data so they can make timely, informed agronomic decisions.”

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