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Corteva Agriscience launches Vorceed Enlist corn technology

New trait package includes novel RNAi mode of action to manage corn rootworm.

There’s another corn rootworm control option coming down the pike for corn farmers. Corteva Agriscience unveiled its Vorceed Enlist technology at this week’s Commodity Classic in New Orleans.

Corteva officials say Vorceed Enlist is its next generation rootworm technology that builds upon its Qrome corn lineup that’s been on the market several years. Vorceed Enlist includes:

  • Three modes of action for above-ground insect protection.
  • Three modes of action for below-ground insect protection such as corn rootworm.
  • Four herbicide modes of action to manage herbicide resistant weeds. These include 2,4-D choline, glyphosate, glufosinate, and fop herbicides. 

RNAi Mode of Action

Vorceed Enlist’s major feature includes its novel RNAi mode of action for corn rootworm control that complements two existing Bt traits. “It will help manage trait durability as well as control rootworm feeding and suppress future egg populations,” says Tony Klemm, corn global portfolio leader. This will help ensure season-long control, he adds. Corteva testing saw reduced root damage in moderate to heavy corn rootworm pressure environments compared with non-traited controls and a 99% reduction in adult beetle emergence. 

Corteva officials expect Vorceed Enlist technology to be available in products across all Corteva seed brands that include:

  • Pioneer
  • Brevant
  • AgVenture
  • Dairyland Seed
  • Hoegemeyer
  • NuTech
  • Seed Consultants

The technology is first expected to debut for select U.S. farmers for the 2023 growing season for relative maturities between 93 and 100 days. By mid-decade, Corteva officials say the technology will be included in a broader set of genetic backgrounds and more maturities. By mid- to late-decade, Vorceed Enlist corn will be the firm’s leading triple-stack offering on acres needing corn rootworm management, say Corteva officials.  

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