CropX acquires soil data start-up CropMetrics

By combining the soil sensing and agricultural analytics of CropX with the cloud-based, precision irrigation tools of CropMetrics, customers will now have access to in-soil data, advanced farm management analytics, and decision-support tools. 

“We intend to lead the market for on-farm irrigation and nutrient management tools in the years ahead, and the acquisition of CropMetrics completes a critical step toward that goal. By strengthening our partner network, growing our U.S. sales footprint, and expanding our product offering, the acquisition will help us continue to provide affordable, scalable solutions for farmers dealing with mounting profitability challenges, resource limitations, and sustainability demands,” says Tomer Tzach, CropX CEO. “The digital ag arena is on the verge of a shakeout, and we plan to maintain and grow our leadership position by providing best-in-class real-time, in-soil insights that will set the new performance standard for irrigation and nutrient management.”

By analyzing soil data and integrating it with crop models, satellite imagery, and weather forecasts, the CropX farm management platform helps farmers around the world cut input costs and increase profitability through water, fertilizer, energy, and labor savings. Not only does the CropMetrics acquisition include a vast distribution network, best-practice service model, user-friendly decision support platform, and a patented Variable Rate Irrigation platform for pivots, but it also adds more than 500,000 acres under management and over 10 years of in-depth U.S. farm data to the CropX platform.

“Adding CropMetrics’s solutions, extensive dealer network, and experienced support team furthers CropX’s mission to become the global leader for in-soil IoT solutions for today’s producers,” says John Vikupitz, president, CropX. “Combining the power of CropX and CropMetrics will help us deliver the most advanced in-soil data analytics, decision-support tools, and data-driven irrigation prescriptions to growers worldwide.”

“Since its founding, CropMetrics has become a trusted irrigation adviser for farmers looking to use soil health and moisture data to deliver higher yields and boost profits by improving water, nutrient, and energy efficiency. Farmers and our network of CropMetrics partners will benefit from the addition of CropX’s real-time, in-soil analytics and IoT solutions,” says Lee Addams, CropMetrics CEO. “We are looking forward to working with the CropX executive team to evolve the platform with the addition of our solutions so more farmers can realize the massive, untapped profitability lever in managing water.”

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