DataConnect now live

DataConnect, a system that enables the exchange of essential machinery data between CLAAS, 365FarmNet, and John Deere, is now live. Through the cloud-based solution, users can now view their entire machinery fleet – regardless of brand - within a single data platform. In the past, achieving that meant duplicating efforts because users had to toggle between each manufacturer’s platforms or web portals.

Because of how the system is structured real-time data flows seamlessly and automatically. In addition, no extra hardware or software is needed and ensures data is handled securely.

With this new solution, customers can view five key data points on their machinery.

  1. current machine location
  2. historical machine location
  3. fuel tank level
  4. status of the machine in the field
  5. machine speed

Once a user decides which company’s digital platform they want to display their data, other manufacturers’ machines appear as soon as they are connected. Machines are either displayed with icons in their respective brand color(s) or are visible in the icon’s information panel.​

Look for further functions, as well as more partners, to be added soon. To learn more visit

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