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DroneDeploy Releases Its Third Industry Trends Report

In its third Commercial Drone Industry Trends Report, DroneDeploy takes a look at the growth in commercial drone adoption in the past year. The report also explores trends in drone hardware, the economic impact of drone mapping, and usage of drone data.

According to the report, DroneDeploy users say drone mapping has become an integral part of their workflow with 60% creating drone maps at least once a week. The report also noted that the multirotor drone is the platform of choice; 97% of drone mapping is performed with this drone rather than a fixed-wing device. In fact, fixed-wing drone use, the report says, continues to decline and hovers at around 3%.

In addition, 84% of drone mapping is done with drones that cost $1,500 or less. 

“More businesses are adopting drones to capture data across industries such as agriculture, construction, surveying, mining, and more,” says DroneDeploy CEO Mike Winn. “It’s clear that as our users experience greater productivity and ROI, they – in turn – are increasing the frequency of drone mapping and further integrating drone data into day-to-day business operations.”

Many drone hardware companies have come and gone in the last year, and new ones like Autel and Yuneec are working hard to make a name for themselves in the space. However, DJI and senseFly are still the leaders in the industry and make up a significant percentage of the DroneDeploy user base.

The top drones include:

  1. DJI
  2. senseFly
  3. 3DR
  4. Parrot
  5. Autel

The report also notes that 20% of DroneDeploy users are flying multiple drones. That number is expected to increase going forward.

The DroneDeploy App Market, which was launched in November 2016, is a one-stop shop for cloud-based drone data analysis. With more than 30 apps available, DroneDeploy users can access tools such as Autodesk and MyJohnDeere. 

Apps at the top of the list for agriculture include:

  1. AgriSens
  2. PDF Annotation
  3. KML & SHP Import
  4. Tensor Flight
  5. Skymatics

While DroneDeploy says it’s difficult to determine the exact economic impact drones are having on local and national economies, it estimates DroneDeploy users have generated more than $150,000,000 in economic value with the over 10 million acres mapped.

Click on the link to view the entire Commercial Drone Industry Trends report.

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