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EFC Systems Partners With Mavrx

By combining the power of in-season image capture, delivery, and analysis from Mavrx, Inc. with EFC Systems, Inc.’s FieldAlytics precision ag product, you will now have the ability to capture imagery on any field setup in the FieldAlytics program. The data generated will flow seamlessly back into the program for immediate use. The insight gained from this real-time information will allow you to know how every inch of your field is progressing and where to focus your efforts and inputs.

“We wanted to let our users easily order and schedule timely in-season imagery. By teaming up with Mavrx, we are providing FieldAlytics users with the tools to do this,” says Devron VonGunden, EFC Systems’ senior product manager for FieldAlytics. “We feel the information and data users receive will go a long way in helping make impactful and timely management decisions. We’re excited to offer Mavrx services to our users without requiring them to work within separate tools.”

The integration enables you to identify problem or stressed areas in a field and use the embedded tools to address and correct those areas. 

“This capability provides seamless access to market-leading decision tools,” says Ernie Chappell, EFC Systems president and CEO.

“Through this partnership, farmers and retailers who seek the highest level of efficiency have access to our nationwide network of pilots to capture and deliver ultra-high resolution imagery exactly when and where it’s needed. This gives our clients the ability to monitor field performance, target yield at risk, and streamline scouting efforts to take necessary action in the field,” says Max Bruner, Mavrx CEO.

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