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Safely Transfer Pesticides With the Chem-Blade Caddy

When Ethan Eck developed the Chem-Blade ES, it was a game-changer for the way farmers handle chemicals. 

“There have been advancements with bulk containers and direct injection, but loading chemicals from jugs and bags will always remain a very important part of chemical application,” says the Kingman, Kansas inventor. “I wanted to load faster while not getting chemicals all over.”

His invention is an enclosed system that empties and loads chemicals from a sealed jug into a sprayer tank in a half second and then thoroughly rinses the container automatically.

“With Chem-Blade ES, the operator opens the lid and slides in a jug or bag. The lid closes and seals the chamber. With either powered means or by using a manual lever, a cutting apparatus opens the container to empty the contents in a half second. Water automatically turns on, rinsing the container clean while washing the residual chemical into the solution tank,” explains Eck.

Wheels Are Always Turning

His newest innovation, the Chem-Blade Caddy, continues Eck’s goal of eliminating a farmer’s direct exposure to hazardous chemicals as well as helping them reduce input costs. 

“Currently, the use of oversized kitchen measuring cups is the industry standard for measuring partial jugs of expensive pesticides and herbicides,” he says. “Our field tests revealed that applicators struggle to measure accurately, and consistently dosed incorrectly plus-or-minus-6 ounces from their targeted amount. When measuring by estimating the weight while pouring, it was found that operators made errors of up to 20 to 40 ounces. With some chemicals costing up to $8 an ounce, that is a costly mistake with every load.”

The Caddy uses Greenleaf Technologies’ easyFlow closed transfer system. Users simply release the jug’s contents to the desired level. The Tank Outlet Venturi then suctions the contents into the supply stream and into your application equipment.

“Accurate measuring with the Caddy allows operators to be diligent with their expensive products keeping more money in their pockets instead of incorrectly applying excess chemicals to fields,” says Eck.

Other features include:

  • Multiple jug adaptors. These allow operators to switch from product to product without being exposed.
  • CaddySight gauge. “The gauge has individual ounce lines with a tank capacity of 2.75 gallons, which makes very accurate dosing feasible,” he explains.
  • Sight gauge with adjustable O-rings. “This gauge helps the operator hit repeat measurements for repetitive applications,” Eck says.
  • GatorHyde coated. The Caddy’s stand is coated with this chemical-resistant, protective coating for a strong layer of corrosion resistance.
  • Venturi manifold options. “Multiple options allow for a broad range of application possibilities from large-scale agriculture to the lawn and turf industries,” he says.

The Caddy can be purchased separately or as an add-on option for the Chem-Blade ES to create a complete solution for chemical jug handling in any spraying application.

The retail price is $1,950, which includes two jug adaptors. Learn more by visiting

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