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Farm Dog, John Deere Launch Variable-Rate Spray Technology Project

Since 2016, Farm Dog and John Deere have been working together to reduce pesticide use, increase yields, and promote environmental sustainability. As the two companies enter the next stage of their partnership, they will work to develop variable-rate spray technology to combat pests and to manage disease. The joint project is supported, in part, by a $900,000 Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation grant.

"This is a step change for pest and disease management," says Liron Brish, CEO and cofounder of Farm Dog. "Growers spend more than $60 billion per year on pest and disease management, yet they still suffer $500 billion worth of crop losses per year. The combination of Farm Dog insights with John Deere equipment will finally provide growers with the tools needed to make the best in-field decisions for optimizing treatments, increasing yields, and promoting sustainability."

Building on prior integration of the Farm Dog platform with the John Deere Operations Center, this next phase extends data sharing and leverages John Deere’s ExactApply spray equipment capabilities.

"The John Deere Operations Center is an open platform that gives producers the opportunity to connect their machine and production data with other software tools and drive deeper insights into their farms," says Lane Arthur, director of digital solutions at John Deere. “This integration demonstrates our commitment to providing producers with tools to increase the efficiency and profitability of their operations.”

Both companies will work together to design and test variable-rate spraying solutions. Development will take place in both Israel and Iowa over the next 18 months.

“I would like to congratulate Farm Dog and John Deere for being awarded the BIRD grant,” says Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. “This collaboration is a perfect synergy between Israeli innovation and Iowa software and manufacturing skills. Together, these two companies will lead farm production into the future."

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