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FarmCommand Lets You Manage Multiple Data Streams in a Single System

Farmers Edge has launched the next generation of FarmCommand, which allows growers to access all of their data in one, easy-to-use platform that offers a wide array of information, features and services, including: 

  • Field-centric weather
  • Passive equipment data collection
  • Fleet management
  • Farm record-keeping
  • Labor management
  • In-season crop nutrient management
  • In-season crop health and field variability management
  • Crop and equipment insights
  • ROI analysis

“The most important thing for our operations is having access to technologies that are easy to use and don’t require us to bring new equipment to the farm,” says Matt Helmke, a Farmers Edge grower from Nebraska. “Farmers Edge offers us a complete farm management tool that we can integrate into our existing gear. More than that, they also offer us in-field advisers to further ensure we can make the best possible decisions on the farm.”

Designed to manage multiple data streams in a single system, FarmCommand includes a variety of features in its Map Manager. This tool seamlessly analyzes and displays data – no matter the source. 

Growers have access to the following within the system:

  1. Crop Health Maps that monitor and track the in-season health of crops.
  2. Harvest Maps that provide accurate yield data to identify opportunities and confidently evaluate decision results.
  3. Profit Maps that integrate application prescriptions, harvest data, commodity costs, product costs, and check strip data to evaluate ROI on a zone-by-zone basis.

“At Eastern Colorado Seeds, we’re focused on bringing our growers technologies that ensure the most productive farming possible, while also promoting local, economic growth,” says Clay Smith, CEO of Eastern Colorado Seeds. “FarmCommand fits the needs of our customers and ensures that they can leverage critical crop health and variability data, field-centric weather, soil insights, and a wide swath of additional farm and field data to help drive decisions that maximize profitability without forcing them to adopt new, expensive farm equipment in the process.”

“At a time when growers are challenged by slumping commodity prices and a shortage of farm labor, we’re more focused than ever on ensuring growers are well-equipped with tools that support decision-making on the farm,” says Wade Barnes, president and CEO of Farmers Edge. “Like our previous solutions and technologies, the new FarmCommand is based on years of R&D and was designed to help producers thrive in this new age of decision-centric farming.” 

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