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Farmers Business Network Receives Ag Data Transparency Certification

By completing the Ag Data Transparent (ADT) certification, Farmer’s Business Network (FBN) affirms its data and analytics services are private and secure. 

“FBN was created to help put farmers first through the power of networking farmers and farm data,” says Charles Baron, cofounder of FBN. “Our values and mission have been crystal clear from inception and have never changed. We fight for our farmer members and their profitability. Transparency is a core philosophy of ours and something we support wholeheartedly, whether in ag input markets or in ag data.”  

“It is great to have Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. on board with the Ag Data Transparent effort,” says Todd Janzen, the Ag Data Transparent administrator. “Achieving the Ag Data Transparent certification shows that the FBN network takes farmers’ concerns of data privacy seriously.”

Backed by a group of farm industry organizations and ag technology providers, Ag Data Transparent is a nonprofit corporation that brings transparency, simplicity, and trust into precision ag technology contracts. In order to be recognized as Ag Data Transparent, a company must submit its contracts with farmers for certification to the ADT. In addition, it must answer 10 questions about how it collects, stores, uses, and shares farmers' ag data. The contracts and answers to the 10 questions are then reviewed for accuracy by a third-party administrator. If the answers match what the company's contracts say, the ADT seal is awarded. If there is a discrepancy, the company is required to make a change before the seal is awarded.

The 10 questions are based on one or more of ADT's core principles. For example, one principle is portability, which means farmers should be able to move their ag data from one platform and use it in another. So question four asks: After I upload data to the Ag Tech Provider, will it be possible to retrieve my original complete data set in an original or equivalent format? 

“FBN members use data analytics to gain yield with hybrid selection, reduce seed and chemical costs through price and genetic transparency, and market their crops aided by their precision field data,” says Baron. “The value created for growers from using data can be incredible – tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in gains in a season. We’re proud to achieve the Ag Data Transparent certification so growers can confidently step into farming’s digital age.”

As an independent, farmer-driven information and commerce network, FBN makes important information like fair market input prices, real-world seed performance, and optimal grain delivery points transparent to farmers in a no-frills way. Today, the network includes over 23 million acres and 6,600 member farms.

FBN is available throughout the U.S. and recently added the prairie provinces in Canada to its growing network.

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