Farmers Learn About the Tools of the Future

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    At the Tools of the Future Tour in Urbandale, Iowa, Firestone Farm Tires discusses soil compaction and the importance of proper tire inflation. Inflation pressures are critical for the optimal tractor footprint.

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    The Weather WatchDog is a powerful weather station that can monitor and log evapotranspiration, solar radiation, wind speed/direction, wind chill, dew point, temperature, and even RH and rainfall. This device is one of the many tools of the future.

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    The folks at Crop Copter discuss the advantages of owning a drone for a farm operation, and this inexpensive machine is just another tool in your toolbox.

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    We have liftoff! This Crop Copter UAS is highly maneuverable with four blades and an attached camera that can even operate normally in 20-mph-plus wind speeds.

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    Goggles with a wireless camera feed allow the operator to get into the cockpit, so to speak, and fly the UAS. Wearing a pair of these goggles gives a unique experience and a true bird’s-eye view.

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    The planter of the future is here. Jason Webster, the research director for Beck’s Hybrids, inspired farmers by indicating the planter of the future isn’t far off. With Precision Planting’s SpeedTube and John Deere’s brush belt trench delivery system, those technologies allow the farmer to get the job done faster with efficiency.

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    Google Glass is the newest and most unique innovation in wearable technology. The uses on the farm for these wearable computers are endless and include crop scouting and equipment repair.

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    The agriculture industry is an ever-changing world with new advances all the time. By communicating and learning with industry experts, tomorrow’s farmers can be informed about the tools of the future today.

The Tools of the Future Tour kicks off in Urbandale, Iowa

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