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FarmlandFinder Expands Into 11 Additional States

When Steven Brockshus launched FarmlandFinder in 2017, his mission was to help find farmland opportunities.

“Residential real estate has Zillow and the Multiple Listing Service. Commercial real estate has CoStar. What does farmland real estate have? We’re stuck with sale bills posted at a gas station and bookmarking individual land brokerage websites,” says Brockshus. “FarmlandFinder exists because land research shouldn’t be a time suck. Each year, $56 billion worth of land changes hands, and buyers and sellers have virtually no access to reliable, up-to-date information. We are tackling the challenge of getting access to quality land sale data, so growers and landowners can easily understand the market, quickly find land for sale, and see up-to-date land values.”

From an idea that was born while Brockshus was at a land auction, the online tool lets you view upcoming land sales, sale price records, sale transaction details, soil composition maps, and more.

FarmlandFinder provides actual sale results, not land value estimations, so you can make decisions based on real information. Unlike traditional listing websites that have limited land sale inventory, FarmlandFinder tracks land from 3,000+ brokerages to provide a comprehensive view of the market.

It’s the first place rural northeast Iowa appraiser Ken Kruger looks when he begins to research listings and sales activity in a certain area. “FarmlandFinder speeds up the process when gathering up-to-date information,” he says.

Roy Petersen says there’s more than one reason he uses FarmlandFinder. “Not only does it allow me to align farmland’s current value, but also it’s a gut check for following prices up and down for the future,” says the central Iowa landowner. “As an investor, it is another great tool for us to make solid decisions and to do some forward thinking.”

Expanding to 11 additional states

As the new year begins, the young start-up that initially provided services only to Iowa is expanding to 11 additional states throughout the Midwest. Land professionals in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin will now have access to a suite of tools that will help them with farmland acquisition, valuation, and analysis.

“Whether you’re a grower, landowner, appraiser, broker, banker, or investor, you can now search 6,500+ properties for sale, see real-time land values, get auction results, download soil maps, and chat with a local expert – all in one place,” Brockshus says. “Never before has this level of information been available to the land market.”

FarmlandFinder offers three options.

  1. FarmlandFinder Free. This free tool is for casual land enthusiasts. The simple set of tools helps you quickly find land for sale, get upcoming land notifications, and understand land values.
  2. FarmlandFinder Starter. This option, which costs $50 per month, is for landowners and real estate teams. This suite of tools helps you quickly find land for sale and understand land values, plus an upcoming auction calendar and branded report-generation tools so you’re always in the know. The monthly cost covers one user.
  3. FarmlandFinder Professional. For landowners and advanced real estate teams, the professional level includes the complete software package to analyze land sales, understand the market, and get custom-branded reports. The cost is $150 per month and includes five users.

“Our mission is to make the world’s land information accessible,” says Brockshus. “We envision a future where land sale transactions are transparent, quick, and simple.”

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