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FarmlandFinder launches marketplace for farmland

“Farmland is a highly fragmented and opaque market,” says Steven Brockshus, Founder and CEO of FarmlandFinder. “There are more absentee landowners today than ever before. Farmers are looking for optionality when it comes to expanding their land base, and getting access to reliable information about the farmland market is difficult. We’ve seen books, cars, and houses start to transact online… why not farmland?"

The Des Moines-based company's solution: FarmlandFinder Offers. This platform enables landowners looking to sell land to request an offer on their land. In as little as a week, offers are received from a private network of verified buyers. Once an offer is accepted, FarmlandFinder navigates the rest of the process to ensure a seamless and stress-free transaction.

By digitizing the farmland transaction process, FarmlandFinder Offers can provide an unique option for farmers looking to expand. Not only can they buy a farm through the private platform, but farmers can also partner with an investor in the FarmlandFinder buyer network, so they don't have to take on more debt. This decreases the barrier of entry for beginning farmers and creates options for seasoned growers looking for unique ways to strengthen their balance sheets.

“Farmland is the foundation for 5% of America’s annual GDP,” says Amanda Donohue-Hansen, FarmlandFinder Board Member. “Farmland is valued in excess of $2.5 trillion with a staggering 10% - $250 billion - transferring hands in the past five years, most of it offline and private. Even more of America’s farmland is projected to change hands in the coming years with generational turnover and growing interest in farmland as a financial and environmental investment.”

Also the Managing Director for the Chicago-based venture capital firm Cultivian Sandbox, Donohue-Hansen believes that if there was ever a time for a digital revolution in farmland, that time is now.

"FarmlandFinder is its pioneer platform,” she says. “We align with FarmlandFinder’s values to make farmland real estate transparent and accessible to all. We’re proud to support its launch of the Offers platform to make farmland sales simple, instant, and online.”  

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