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FarmlandFinder One-Stop Shop for Ag Real Estate

In an effort to become the premier online search portal for ag real estate, Terva is rebranding itself as well as enhancing its product offerings. Developed by Steven Brockshus as part of his agricultural entrepreneurship class at Iowa State University, the online tool lets you view upcoming land sales, sale price records, sale transaction details, soil composition maps, and more across the state of Iowa.

“We are excited to announce the rebranding of our product as FarmlandFinder,” says Brockshus, founder and CEO. “Our mission is to make the world’s farmland information accessible.”

While the company is currently focused on Iowa, it is in the process of expanding to other states, enabling users to find land for sale as well as search past sale transactions.

April Auction Action

According to FarmLandFinder, there are 25 upcoming land auctions this month and 704 active land listings across the state of Iowa. Below are the 10 counties with the most land for sale:

  1. Davis County – 5,788 acres
  2. Decatur County – 5,073 acres
  3. Clarke County – 4,881 acres
  4. Lucas County – 4,787 acres
  5. Appanoose County – 3,951 acres
  6. Monroe County – 3,277 acres
  7. Ringgold County – 3,241 acres
  8. Fremont County – 2,552 acres
  9. Wayne County – 2,481 acres
  10. Warren County – 2,363 acres

Average Land Values

“Land values are important for anyone looking to buy or sell land,” says Brockshus. “While there is no way to guess what property will sell for, the listing price is a good starting indicator for the strength of the current land market.”

Listed below are the top 20 counties across Iowa ranked by average listing price: 

  1. Polk County – $12,924/acre
  2. O'Brien County – $12,500/acre
  3. Dickinson County – $11,888/acre
  4. Sioux County – $10,937/acre
  5. Washington County – $10,198/acre
  6. Black Hawk County – $10,113/acre
  7. Story County – $9,923/acre
  8. Linn County – $9,818/acre
  9. Carroll County – $9,795/acre
  10. Muscatine County – $9,763/acre
  11. Mitchell County – $9,590/acre
  12. Guthrie County – $9,273/acre
  13. Cerro Gordo County – $9,240/acre
  14. Greene County – $8,885/acre
  15. Clayton County – $8,783/acre
  16. Delaware County – $8,597/acre
  17. Clay County – $8,538/acre
  18. Howard County – $8,503/acre
  19. Dallas County – $8,445/acre
  20. Shelby County – $8,409/acre

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