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FarmLogs Launches On-Farm Research Network

The FarmLogs’ On-Farm Research Network is a collaborative program, which is dedicated to organizing and conducting unbiased research and independent analysis, and is open to row-crop farmers across the country. The company says the goal of this initiative is to accelerate agronomic learning cycles, influence FarmLogs’ product development, and improve prescriptive recommendations for FarmLogs customers.

Utilizing technology to automatically capture and analyze on-farm trial data from different geographic environments in near-real time, the network will empower growers to easily experiment and discover scientifically valid management practices. It will also enable farmers to quickly and accurately prove how specific input decisions, management practices, and new products and technologies impact their bottom line. FarmLogs will develop and set up trial protocols, aggregate and analyze the data, and offer support to growers along the way. 

“This is an entirely new approach to on-farm research,” says Dr. Tracy Blackmer, vice president of Science at FarmLogs. “We’re not only crossing state lines with our large-scale unprecedented replications, but we’re also addressing several barriers that traditional research networks have been unable to break through. With our focus on independence, and with no geographic, vendor, product, or technological limitations, we’re able to offer a more authentic and accurate way to analyze trial data. The rate at which growers will be able to test, learn from, and implement new management practices will be monumental.” 

FarmLogs says with over 23% of the country’s row-crop acres under management, it will look to its community of over 100,000 growers to decide on the specific production and profitability topics and field tests to conduct in 2017. 

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