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FarmLogs Launches Planner, Marketing Tools

FarmLogs, an independent farm management technology platform with more than 75 million acres under management, has released two new financial products designed to solve the time-consuming challenges of managing the relationship among crop marketing decisions, production costs, and profit. The Michigan-based company is also offering lower cost plans. 

The two new tools, Planner and Marketing, enable customers to create a flexible and adjustable plan that connects to a sound marketing strategy. Both allow farmers to manage their changing cost of production, profit opportunities, and value at risk throughout the season. 

Planner helps farmers easily create an adjustable plan for their entire operation that accounts for all of their expenses and fieldwork so they can monitor their profitability and budget throughout the season. The year-round planning tool helps users make more informed operational, marketing, and risk management decisions. 

With Marketing, farmers can actively manage their value at risk by capturing contracts for physical sales, hedges, and deliveries and also show market prices for all major commodities. Cost of production data from Planner is automatically synced with Marketing to reveal break-even and profit opportunities.

Lower Cost Plans

In addition to a free Standard package that includes rainfall, record keeping, soil maps, yield map uploads and growing degree days, FarmLogs will now offer two affordable subscription plans. FarmLogs Essentials, which bundles Planner and Marketing with Automatic Activity Recording, is available for $49 per month. FarmLogs Premium, which adds in-season satellite imagery, is available for a monthly fee of $99.

A 14-day free trial program, which allows farmers to upgrade a FarmLogs’ subscription from Standard to Essentials or Premium through their mobile devices or web browser, is also being offered. 

“In the past few years, companies have been overwhelming farmers with hype around big data and missing out on an opportunity to solve more fundamental problems in agriculture with a great software platform. Until now, there hasn’t been a truly easy-to-use resource that helps growers tie all this data together in a way that helps them better manage what really matters: the price they need to sell their crops at in order to be profitable,” says Jesse Vollmar, CEO and cofounder of FarmLogs. “We’re staying the course and continuing to focus on the farmer’s bottom line. Our new tools enable growers to quickly and easily calculate and then monitor their breakeven for each crop they are producing, in real time, automatically. Nobody else can do that.”

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