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Farmobile’s Expanded Reports Give Real-Time Insight Into Field Data

Farmers, ag retailers, and trusted advisers can easily visualize work progress, compare machines and operators, and make daily operational adjustments with the latest reporting tools from Farmobile. The new Field Activity Report and expanded Machine Utilization Report provide at-a-glance performance metrics summarized by field and machine.

“Data is only good if you can easily access it when you need it. Farmobile’s new reports are an outcome of our ability to collect agronomic and machine data across multiple brands of farm equipment and process it into interoperable electronic field records,” says Jason Tatge, Farmobile CEO. “When it’s go time, farmers and retailers have an abundance of logistical decisions to make every single day. Having actionable data that provides visibility into operational performance can make a real difference, especially in another tough year like this one.”

Field Activity Reports

By adding machine metrics to the field activity reports, the Farmobile Field Report takes the wonder out of the farmability of a field. This feature lets you know how much time is spent turning around and getting set up vs. actually getting work done.  

“Farmobile’s daily Field Activity Report is unique because it reports on both agronomic and machine activity specific to that field,” says Matt Kamphoefner, vice president of product. “This means users get an activity map, a rollup of the agronomic data, as well as a summary of the machine performance data.”

Equipped with this performance data, users can compare fields, assess costs, and benchmark activity progress as well as employee and machine efficiency. 

“Most folks think they know their operational efficiency,” Kamphoefner says, “but what does the data say? It’s like my Fitbit. I generally know if I had an active day, but my Fitbit, by virtue of automatic classification and aggregation, can help to quantify how active my day actually was. The same principles exist here. Farmobile records every second of activity for your machines. Our reports aggregate the data to create metrics that can help you manage your operation.”

Machine Utilization Reports

Farmobile users wanted an easier, on-the-go viewing experience and slightly different aggregations to show working and turning time vs. idle and transport time. The refreshed machine utilization report format includes new efficiency graphics for daily, weekly, or monthly reporting. It also has a call-out notification to identify machines logging 20% or less of total working time. 

“Operators only make money when their machine is in working status. Idle and road time, while necessary, are pure cost,” Kamphoefner says. “To improve fleet management, you can use Farmobile’s Machine Utilization Report to set a baseline for your machines, and then set some KPIs to see if you can increase your ‘working’ status time. By moving this even three (3) points (e.g., from 30% working status to 33% working status), you can increase the return on investment for a Farmobile subscription.”

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