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FieldMicro – an automation, control, and monitoring system – saves farmers time, money

Whether growing a crop or managing livestock, farmers are always looking for ways to optimize their time. Innovations like FieldMicro offer a solution. The automated agriculture and farm control monitoring system includes SmartFarm and FieldBot to make farming simpler and more efficient.

“We are proud to introduce FieldMicro, which allows crop and livestock farmers to upgrade their farm and utilize the latest smart technology to enhance their operations to save time and money,” says Mitch Brownlie, CEO of FieldMicro. “With an amazing array of features and technologies not previously available to farmers, FieldMicro is poised to reinvent farm management and finally bring farming into the 21st century.”

Powered by FieldBot, SmartFarm is a platform that uses smart technology that provides real-time monitoring, infrastructure automation, and satellite imagery for greater insights into your farm operation. Farmers see and hear what the FieldBot, a portable remote-control device that connects to farm equipment/hardware, sees and hears.

FieldBots are equipped with a built-in solar panel, an HD camera that takes still images, and a microphone for listening as well as sensors that monitor temperature, air pressure, humidity, motion, sound, and more. With the push of a button, users can control their irrigation systems, switch valves, open gates, monitor tank and moisture levels, view real-time footage, listen to real-time audio, and shut down pumps from their operations center. 

FieldBots are managed through the SmartFarm platform, which allows users to set rules for each FieldBot or multiple FieldBots working together. Rules can be set for any piece of equipment connected to a FieldBot, which can then activate another piece of equipment connected to a different FieldBot. The SmartFarm platform can be accessed through your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

John Deere Partnership

In addition, FieldMicro has partnered with John Deere to provide real-time data to the SmartFarm platform. Users will not only be able to see the location but also other vehicle details like fuel, oil, and hydraulic levels. Instructions can also be sent from the SmartFarm platform to the machines. In addition, SmartFarm will display the past use and coverage of compatible John Deere equipment as well as a color-coded overlay map to show if an operator is driving too slow or too fast. The SmartFarm location history also allows users to view the path traveled by a machine for the last 60 days, and includes information like location, groundspeed, and heading.

Farmers also have the ability to access their John Deere machine remotely to resolve issues or make changes. View what the equipment is doing and where, while protecting the machine with geofence and curfew alerts.

Farmers who preorder FieldMicro can receive an early adopter discount of up to 50%. Visit to learn more.

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