Grain Discovery marketing app planned for U.S. in 2021

Adopting Grain Discovery’s app was a no-brainer for Jeff Curry.

“I actually signed up on the spot when I first tried it because I immediately saw how this would change my business,” says Curry, Sharedon Farms, Owen Sound, Ontario. “As a sole operator, the time savings are invaluable and will allow me to build a better connection with my farmers.”

The app, which was recently released by the Ontario-based start-up, streamlines the current process of buying and selling grain.

“By allowing live pricing, and an industry-first instant contract confirmation, we’re eliminating missed marketing opportunities and tedious jobs like juggling calls and manual paperwork,” says Rory O’Sullivan, Grain Discovery CEO. “That’s game changing, and I’m thrilled with the response so far.”

“With this app, my farmers have all their information at their fingertips, so they can make informed decisions,” says Tiffany Spearing, general manager of Lockie Farms Grain Elevator, Zephyr. “It’s very easy to use. We have farmers in their 20s using it, and we have farmers in their 80s using it. And for me, I have additional communication options to reach customers, plus the ability to buy directly via target offers simplifies my buying process.”

Key features of the Grain Discovery app include:

Personalization. Grain buyers receive their own branded app with grain origination and portfolio management software.

Live marketplace. Buyers post their live bids to farmers who can confirm deals instantly, or post their own target offers.

Portfolio. Users can view tickets, deliveries, contracts, and settlements anytime, anywhere.

Communication. Messaging and alert functions enhance the connection between buyers and farmers. 

Currently available across Ontario, the company plans to expand into North America and Australia in 2021. The app is free for farmers and available to download from the Apple app store. Farmers should check with their local grain buyers for availability. Buyers can sign up for the app through Grain Discovery.

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